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Beneath a skin of steel, 
Sleeps an Opera House once real. 

This old house we will revive 
To bring our historic square alive. 

Our talents, coins and sweat, we give, 
So performing arts, again may live

It's official: The Pilot Point Community Opera House is a 501 C3 Corporation. We are proud to announce that in 9 short months and thanks to Members, thousands of volunteer hours and donations that it has accquired the Old Opera House and has presented it's first play in the Opera House in a hundred years. Restore Culture, Arts and Community to the Square by donating today!!
 We accept donations, it's as simple as clicking the button to the left.

Let's rebuild and restore the 1894 Opera House! Let's provide a community space for home town events, promote theater arts education, deliver live entertainment, enable theater participation for children and adults alike, and deliver all types of music!! Let's get involved in the future of our historic town!

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We can use your talents, whatever they may be.   There's a place for you in this exciting venture.

In Pilot Point you can stop by Lwbrws, Point Bank or the North Star Bank to learn more. If you prefer to write or call, our mailing address and contact phone numbers are below.
Here's your chance to be a contributing part of an intriguing Pilot Point grass-roots organization.
We can't wait to hear from you!

Pilot Point Community Opera House
110 South Washington Street
P.O. Box 1363
Pilot Point, TX 76258
Phone: (817) 403-3821 or (817) 707-3771