Pilot Point Community Opera House

Beneath a skin of steel, 
Sleeps an Opera House once real. 

This old house we will revive 
To bring our historic square alive. 

Our talents, coins and sweat, we give, 
So performing arts, again may live.

Little Nell's Dilemma by Ken Brixey was presented on April 17th -18th 2008, at the Pilot Point Community Opera House


Is to rebuild and restore the 2nd floor facade and walls of the original 1894 Opera House
as part of the 19th century Pilot Point historic square preservation and to provide a complete
facility that will operate as an Opera House to the North Texas area.

Our VISION is to provide a fine-arts facility for all age groups that includes:

1. Live entertainment events.
2. Community theater for adults.
3. Summer theater opportunities for children.
4. All types of music.
5. Space for related community events: that contribute to the cultural life of the community through theatrical experiences.

PPCOH shall promote education and interest in theater and the performing arts; and mangage and operate the Pilot Point Opera House.

We are a Pilot Point grass-roots organization.

We can use the following to build an active Pilot Point theater group;

1. Theater arts talents and interests of all kinds;

a. Musical,
b. Acting,
c. Directing,
d. Organizing,
e. Wardrobe,
f. Technicians of all kinds,
g. Stage construction hands and more.

2. Donations and fund raising expertise to acquire and restore the original 1894 Opera House structure that is within the "Old Ford House" on the west side of the square.

To get involved, contact us at the numbers or at our PO Box below or if you want, stop by Lowbrow's on the square where there is often a lot of grass-roots information and activity for the project.

Donations of any size are appreciated. Regular Membership is $50.00.

Donations & Membership in PPCOH may be sent to
PPCOH, PO Box 1363, Pilot Point, TX 76258.