Pilot Point Community Opera House

Beneath a skin of steel, 
Sleeps an Opera House once real. 

This old house we will revive 
To bring our historic square alive. 

Our talents, coins and sweat, we give, 
So performing arts, again may live.

Little Nell's Dilemma by Ken Brixey was presented on April 17th -18th 2008, at the Pilot Point Community Opera House

How to Get Involved!

PPCOH has many ways in which you can be part of the PPCOH family. You can volunteer by ushering, set building and designing, costumes, make-up, lighting, stage properties, acting and directing. Just call 940-395-8718 or speak to one of PPCOH helpful members.

Volunteer Opportunities

Directing - Directing a performance requires previous experience and a willingness to invest a large amount of time and energy.

Costuming - Aspects of costuming include the creation of costumes, making use of existing costumes, and fitting costumes to each performer. People are also needed to assist performers with costume changes.

Lights - Aspects include lighting design and running lighting equipment.

Sound - Aspects include sound design and running sound equipment.

Make-Up - Aspects include make-up design, running make-up workshops, and assisting performers with make-up application.

Set Design - Aspects include the design and architecture of sets.

Set Construction - Aspects include building sets and assisting with building.

Props - Aspects include making and acquiring props for a performance.

Back Stage Help - Aspects include serving as Stage Manager, opening and closing the curtain, assisting with set and costume changes, and any additional help needed back stage.

Ushers - Ushering involves the collection of tickets as well as directing and assisting patrons to their seats. Ushers may have the opportunity to view the performance if space allows.

Graphic Designer - Aspects include designing program and advertisement art.

Auditioning - Performers work on a volunteer basis. Auditions are open to the general public.